Economics Boosts

Boost Types
2nd Insignia Slot Advanced Combat Research Speed Advanced Trap Research Speed Alliance Help Maximum
Alliance Mission Bonus Attachment Gathering Luck Autocomplete Alliance Helps Battle Tactics Research Speed
Bonus Interest Rate 1 Day Bonus Interest Rate 14 Days Bonus Interest Rate 3 Days Bonus Interest Rate 7 Days
Boost Preset Slots Cement Pillar Cost Reduction Coin Base Capacity Coin Capacity Increase
Coin Hourly Production Coin Production Combat Boost Preset Slot Combat Research Speed
Commander Preset Slot Commander Research Tree Time Commander Skill Points Commander XP Modifier
Commander XP Retention Construction Speed Construction Time Reduction Core Gathering Luck
Core High Range Boost Daily Mission Bonus Deployment Preset Slot Deployment Slots
Deployment Speed Disassemble and Break Efficiency Disassemble Enhance Refund Economy Boost Preset Slot
Enhancement Efficiency Execution Delay Reduction Food Base Capacity Food Capacity Increase
Food Hourly Production Food Production Gather Speed on Rebel Tiles Gathering Deployment Capacity
Gathering Deployment Speed Gathering Speed Gold from Ransom Increase Gold Gathering Speed
Hospital Capacity Hospital Capacity Increase Hospital Healing Speed Hunter Resource Training Cost Reduction
Increase Serum Duration Ingredients Manufacturing Slots Instant Construction Speed Up Minutes Iron Base Capacity
Iron Capacity Increase Iron Hourly Production Iron Production Legendary Hammer Cost Reduction
Legendary Resource Hammer Cost Reduction Manufacturing Research Food Cost Reduction Manufacturing Research Iron Cost Reduction Manufacturing Research Oil Cost Reduction
Manufacturing Research Stone Cost Reduction Manufacturing Research Tree Time Manufacturing Speed Manufacturing Time Reduction for Normal Equipment
Mass Deployment Recall Speed Max Core Power Level Max Normal Power Level Maximum Deposit 1 Day
Maximum Deposit 14 Days Maximum Deposit 3 Days Maximum Deposit 7 Days Milestone Boost Preset Slot
Mod Preset Slot Normal Equipment Manufacturing Cost Reduction Oil Base Capacity Oil Capacity Increase
Oil Hourly Production Oil Production Open Alliance Gifts Open Crates
Open Resource Items Phantom Jet Resource Training Cost Reduction Promotion Capacity Increase Promotion Cost Reduction
Promotion Troop Queue Protector Resource Training Cost Reduction Prototype Gear Duration Prototype Gear Manufacturing Cost Reduction
Prototype Gear Manufacturing Cost Reduction Multiplier Prototype Gear Manufacturing Luck Prototype Gear Manufacturing Speed Radar Station Capability
Rebel Base Deployment Size Bonus Rebel Target Skill Points Recall March Speed Research File Reduction
Research Speed Research Time Reduction Resource Cost Reduction Resource Help Capacity
Resource Production Resource Receive Capacity Resource Send Capacity Resource Tax Decrease
Restricted File Reduction Scouting Serum Army Attack Serum Army Defense
Serum Army Health Serum Max Range Boost Serum Min Range Boost Serum Troop Attack
Serum Troop Defense Serum Troop Health Set Bonus Research Speed Stalkers Resource Training Cost Reduction
Stone Base Capacity Stone Capacity Increase Stone Hourly Production Stone Production
Striker Resource Training Cost Reduction Tier 1 Troop Queue Tier 2 Troop Queue Tier 3 Troop Queue
Tier 4 to 5 RSS Cost Red. Tier 4 Troop Queue Tier 5 Troop Queue Training Cost Reduction
Training Speed Trap Training Speed Troop Load Troop Load on Rebel Tiles
Troop Promotion Speed Troop Queue Troop Queue Bonus Upkeep Efficiency
Upkeep Reduction Upkeep Reduction Multiplier Use Multiple Speed Ups for Construction Use Multiple Speed Ups for Promoting
Use Multiple Speed Ups for Research Use Multiple Speed Ups for Training Use Multiple Speed Ups for Trap Building Use Multiple VIP Items
Vault Interest Rate Increase Vault Maximum Deposit Increase VIP Mission Bonus War Zone Deployment Speed
Warehouse Capacity Warehouse Capacity Increase
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Troop Boosts

Overall Troop Boosts

Boost Types
Accuracy for All Types Advanced Troop Attack Bonus Advanced Troop Defense Bonus Advanced Troop Health Bonus
Armor Piercing for All Types Army Armor Piercing Army Attack Army Control Point Health
Army Defense Army Rally Attack Army Rally Defense Army Rally Health
Attack Deployment Capacity Attack Deployment Speed Attack for All Troop Types Attack vs Battle Marked Targets
Awesome Base Troop Attack Base Troop Defense Base Troop Health
Control Point Attack Control Point Holding Army Attack Control Point Holding Army Defense Control Point Holding Army Health
Control Point Holding Combat Shielding Control Point Rally Capacity Control Point Rally Combat Shielding Control Point Trap Attack
Control Point Trap Defense Control Point Trap Health Control Point Troop Defense Bonus Control Point Troop Health Bonus
Death Row Attack Bonus Death Row Boost Duration Death Row Defense Bonus Death Row Health Bonus
Death Row Speed Bonus Defense for All Troop Types Embassy Defense Bonus Embassy Troop Capacity Increase
Enhance Level 1 Troop Attack Bonus Enhance Level 2 Troop Attack Bonus Enhance Level 3 Troop Attack Bonus Enhance Level 4 Troop Attack Bonus
Enhance Level 5+ Troop Attack Bonus Global Control Point Rally Capacity Health for All Troop Types Mercenary Troop Attack Bonus
Mercenary Troop Defense Bonus Mercenary Troop Health Bonus Mobile Trap Attack Prison Bonus Multiple Commanders
Prison Captured Commander Bonus Radar Station Attack Penalty Rally Attack Bonus Rally Capacity
Rally Combat Shielding Rally Deployment Speed Rally Reinforcement Speed Rally Time Reduction
Rally Trap Attack vs Control Point Rally Trap Defense vs Control Point Rally Trap Health Rally Trap Health vs Control Point
Rally Troop Defense Bonus Rally Troop Health Bonus Troop Attack Bonus Troop Attack Bonus (with Commander)
Troop Attack vs Base Troop Combat Shielding for your Base Troop Defense Bonus Troop Defense Bonus (with Commander)
Troop Health Bonus Troop Health Bonus (with Commander) Ultimate Elimination Delay Reduction Ultimate Troop Attack

Operation Boosts

Commander Boosts

Energy Boosts

Set Bonus Boosts

Augment Boosts

Supporting Ally Boosts

Mobile Ops Boosts

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