All information relating to the Special item Legendary Hammer in Mobile Strike including how it can be acquired (e.g. whether it can be acquired from gold shop, alliance store, black market) and how it can be used.
Name Legendary Hammer
Category Special
Description Special ingredient for Urban Building upgrades past level 21. These cannot be purchased. They come in certain packs, some have been given for free, or as prizes for (special) challenges.
Building Requirement
Armory 16,502,700
Bank 10,500,900
Death Row 16,502,700
Embassy 12,502,700
Farm 7,250,000
Hall of Heroes 12,502,000
Headquarters 7,251,000
Hospital 10,500,900
Iron Mine 7,250,000
Oil Well 7,250,000
Prison 16,503,000
Quarry 7,250,000
Radar Station 16,501,600
Research Facility 16,502,200
Trading Post 12,500,900
Training Grounds 10,500,900
Wall 12,503,000
War Room 23,502,000
Warehouse 14,500,900
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