All information relating to the material Black Satin in Mobile Strike including how it can be acquired, where it can be found (rebels, gifts, crates, resource tiles), and how it can be used.
Name Black Satin
Type Special Event (Snow Stalker)
Similar Materials Micro Lens, Microchip, Microfiber Wire, Shoe Pads, Steel Hinge
Where to find Black Satin
Tiles Egg Layer Munitions Crate, Snow Stalker Cargo Container
Crates Egg Layer Crate
Gifts News Years, Winter
Mission Types Alliance, Daily, VIP

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All Gear Requiring Black Satin

Body Armor Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Tactical Spy Vest 50 20.15M 2 Microfiber Wire, 2 Black Satin 25.0% Armored Vehicle Attack, 25.0% Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack, 18.0% Advanced Armored Vehicle Defense, 18.0% Armored Vehicle Defense, 12.0% Troop Defense Bonus, 12.0% Advanced Troop Defense Bonus
Footwear Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Blade Concealed Boots 38 14.86M 2 Shoe Pads, 2 Black Satin 19.0% Armored Vehicle Attack, 19.0% Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack, 13.0% Advanced Armored Vehicle Defense, 13.0% Armored Vehicle Defense, 10.0% Troop Defense Bonus, 10.0% Advanced Troop Defense Bonus
Helmets Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Winter Mask 31 2.21M 2 Black Satin, 2 Micro Lens 14.5% Trap Attack, 14.5% Advanced Trap Attack, 8.0% Advanced Troop Defense Bonus, 8.0% Troop Defense Bonus, 8.0% Trap Defense, 8.0% Advanced Trap Defense
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