Best Gear for ...

An overview of all the best gear for each boost type available in Mobile Strike.
Best Gear for ...
Best Additional Streak per Attack Gear
Best Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack Gear
Best Advanced Armored Vehicle Defense Gear
Best Advanced Armored Vehicle Health Gear
Best Advanced Infantry Attack Gear
Best Advanced Infantry Defense Gear
Best Advanced Infantry Health Gear
Best Advanced Tactical Attack Gear
Best Advanced Tactical Defense Gear
Best Advanced Tactical Health Gear
Best Advanced Trap Attack Gear
Best Advanced Trap Defense Gear
Best Advanced Troop Attack Gear
Best Advanced Troop Defense Gear
Best Advanced Troop Health Gear
Best Armor Gear
Best Armor Piercing for All Types Gear
Best Armored Vehicle Armor Piercing Gear
Best Armored Vehicle Attack Gear
Best Armored Vehicle Defense Gear
Best Armored Vehicle Health Gear
Best Army Armor Piercing Gear
Best Army Defense Gear
Best Artillery Attack Gear
Best Artillery Defense Gear
Best Attack Gear
Best Attack Gear
Best Cement Pillar Cost Reduction Gear
Best Coin Production Gear
Best Commander Attack Gear
Best Commander Critical Hit Gear
Best Commander Deployment Gear
Best Commander Rebel Deployment Gear
Best Commander XP Modifier Gear
Best Construction Gear
Best Construction Time Reduction Gear
Best Control Point Attack Gear
Best Control Point Holding Combat Shielding Gear
Best Control Point Rally Combat Shielding Gear
Best Control Point Trap Health Gear
Best Control Point Troop Defense Gear
Best Control Point Troop Health Gear
Best Deflection Gear
Best Deployment Gear
Best Energy Recovery Gear
Best Evasive Maneuvers Gear
Best Food Base Capacity Gear
Best Food Production Gear
Best Gathering Gear
Best Gold Gathering Gear
Best HP Gear
Best Infantry Armor Piercing Gear
Best Infantry Attack Gear
Best Infantry Defense Gear
Best Infantry Health Gear
Best Iron Base Capacity Gear
Best Iron Production Gear
Best Legendary Hammer Cost Reduction Gear
Best Legendary Resource Hammer Cost Reduction Gear
Best Manufacturing Research Food Cost Reduction Gear
Best Manufacturing Research Iron Cost Reduction Gear
Best Manufacturing Research Oil Cost Reduction Gear
Best Manufacturing Research Stone Cost Reduction Gear
Best Manufacturing Time Reduction for Normal Equipment Gear
Best Maximum Energy Limit Gear
Best Mobile Ops Critical Damage Gear
Best Mobile Ops Critical Hit Gear
Best Munition Capacity Gear
Best Oil Base Capacity Gear
Best Oil Production Gear
Best Promotion Troop Queue Gear
Best Prototype Gear Duration Gear
Best Prototype Gear Manufacturing Cost Reduction Gear
Best Prototype Gear Manufacturing Gear
Best Rally Attack Gear
Best Rally Trap Health vs Control Point Gear
Best Rally Troop Defense Gear
Best Rally Troop Health Gear
Best Rebel Targets Defense Debuff Gear
Best Research File Reduction Gear
Best Research Gear
Best Research Time Reduction Gear
Best Resource Cost Reduction Gear
Best Restricted File Reduction Gear
Best Stone Base Capacity Gear
Best Stone Production Gear
Best Tactical Armor Piercing Gear
Best Tactical Attack Gear
Best Tactical Defense Gear
Best Tactical Health Gear
Best Tier 1 Troop Queue Gear
Best Tier 2 Troop Queue Gear
Best Tier 3 Troop Queue Gear
Best Tier 4 to 5 RSS Cost Red. Gear
Best Tier 4 Troop Queue Gear
Best Tier 5 Troop Queue Gear
Best Training Gear
Best Trap Attack Gear
Best Trap Defense Gear
Best Trap Training Gear
Best Troop Attack Gear
Best Troop Combat Shielding for your Base Gear
Best Troop Defense Gear
Best Troop Health Gear
Best Troop Load Gear
Best Troop Promotion Gear
Best Troop Queue Gear
Best Upkeep Efficiency Gear
Best Upkeep Reduction Gear

Note: An overview of all gear for a boost can be found by selecting that boost in the Boost Types overview and clicking the All Gear link at the top of the page.

Gear Sets

An overview of all gear sets available in Mobile Strike.
Gear Sets
Armored Vehicle Attack (Barricade) Armored Vehicle Attack (Black Adder) Armored Vehicle Attack (Cupid's Arrow)
Armored Vehicle Attack (Mayday) Armored Vehicle Attack (Reinforced Barricade) Armored Vehicle Attack (Rocketeer)
Armored Vehicle Attack (Snake Biter) Armored Vehicle Attack (Snow Stalker) Armored Vehicle Attack (Spectral Barricade)
Armored Vehicle Attack (Standard) Armored Vehicle Attack (T-Fox) Coin Production (GR-Falcon)
Coin Production (Smelter) Commander Attack (Bounty Hunter 2017) Commander Attack (Grand Bounty Hunter 2017)
Commander Attack (Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter 2017) Commander Attack Bonus (Desert Commando) Commander Attack Bonus (Disruptor)
Commander Attack Bonus (Rebel Tracker) Commander Attack Bonus (T1ger Cl4w) Commander Attack Bonus (Tax Collector)
Commander XP Modifier (Dignitary) Construction (Silent Exalted Architect) Construction Speed (Constructor)
Construction Speed (Standard) Construction Time Reduction (Economic Architect) Construction Time Reduction (Economic)
Food Production (Economists) Food Production (Extractor) Food Production (Standard)
Infantry Attack (Blizzard-01) Infantry Attack (Double Trouble) Infantry Attack (Hardened Double Trouble)
Infantry Attack (Judgment) Infantry Attack (Kill Squad) Infantry Attack (Skull Grenade)
Infantry Attack (Standard) Infantry Attack (Stealth Bomber) Infantry Attack (Undead Double Trouble)
Manufacturing Time Reduction (Economic) Mobile Ops (Tank Commander) Prototype Gear Duration (Blackout Refiner)
Prototype Gear Duration (Refiner) Research Speed (Atom Splitter and Desert Wanderer) Research Speed (Battle Tested)
Research Speed (Cold Fusion) Research Speed (Combat Investigator) Research Speed (Desert Wanderer)
Research Speed (Ghostly Ground Breaker) Research Speed (Ground Breaker) Research Speed (Innovator's)
Research Speed (Standard) Research Time Reduction (Economic) Tactical Attack (Dreaded Fear Monger)
Tactical Attack (Fear Monger) Tactical Attack (Headhunter) Tactical Attack (Shadowy Fear Monger)
Tactical Attack (Shamrock) Tactical Attack (Snow Leopard) Tactical Attack (Standard)
Tactical Attack (Striker) Tactical Attack (Traveler's Check) Trap Attack (Avalanche)
Troop Attack (Anniversary) Troop Attack (Blackout Anniversary) Troop Attack (Blackout Lone Wolf)
Troop Attack (Bulletstorm) Troop Attack (Champion 2017) Troop Attack (Conqueror)
Troop Attack (Frosted Anniversary) Troop Attack (Frosted Lone Wolf) Troop Attack (Frosted Sole Assassin)
Troop Attack (Grand Champion 2017) Troop Attack (Grand Conqueror) Troop Attack (Haunted Lone Wolf)
Troop Attack (Lone Wolf) Troop Attack (Silent Exalted Vanquisher) Troop Attack (Sole Assassin)
Troop Attack (Supreme Vanquisher) Troop Attack (Ultimate Grand Champion 2017) Troop Attack (Ultimate Grand Conqueror)
Troop Attack (Ultimate Grand Vanquisher) Troop Defense (Frosted Winter Guardian) Troop Defense (Sparrow)
Troop Defense (Winter Guardian) Troop Health (Blackout Garrison) Troop Health (Blackout Hammer Head)
Troop Health (Blackwing) Troop Health (Frosted Garrison) Troop Health (Frosted Hammer Head)
Troop Health (Garrison) Troop Health (Grand Guardian 2017) Troop Health (Grand Protector)
Troop Health (Guardian 2017) Troop Health (Hammer Head) Troop Health (Phantom Hammer Head)
Troop Health (Predator) Troop Health (Siegebreaker) Troop Health (Supreme Protector)
Troop Health (Ultimate Grand Guardian 2017) Troop Health (Ultimate Grand Protector) Troop Load (Heavy Hauler)
Troop Load (Reaper) Troop Load (Swift Invasion) Troop Training (Captains)
Troop Training (Master Beret) Troop Training Queue (Economic) Troop Training Speed (Barracks Buster)
Troop Training Speed (Fiendish Barracks Buster) Troop Training Speed (Pyramidion)

Note: Set Gear bonuses only apply to those items in bold, as these are only official set gear in the game.

All Gear

An overview of all gear available in Mobile Strike, with information about the required materials and the boosts.
50 Pound Rucksack Active Camouflage Ammo Stash Anniversary Battle Death Dealer
Architect's Line of Sight Armband Assault Stock Battle Injector
Bayonet Binoculars Blackout Death Dealer Blackout Irradiator
Blackout Surveillance Drone Blackout Wolf's Bite Blackout Wrench Boot Knife
Bounty Hunter Detonator Bullet Storm Laser Mine Canteen Captain's C4
Champion Battle Slicer Chest Candy CO2 Canister Cold Fusion Pack
Combat Blade Commander's Saber Commando Grenade Conqueror Sights
Constructor's Backpack Desert Wanderer's Compass Dismantle Dispersal Grenade
Disruptor Sidearm Dreaded Dismantle Drum Roll Economist's Drone Controller
EM Scanner Engineer's Hammer Expedition Watch Extended Magazine
Extractor's Pickaxe Far Sight Field Knife Field Ops Kit
Fiendish General's Forearm Flashlight Flashlight Attachment Flask
Flight Harness Folding Knife Frosted Death Dealer Frosted Irradiator
Frosted Sole Assassin EMP Grenade Frosted Surveillance Drone Frosted Winter Guardian Brutalizer Frosted Wolfs Bite
Full Metal Jacket Garrison Irradiator Gas Grenade General's Forearm
Ghostly Ground Breaker's Radio Gloves GPS Grand Bounty Hunter Detonator
Grand Champion Battle Slicer Grand Conqueror Sights Grand Guardian Grenade Grand Protector Riot Shield
Ground Breaker's Radio Guardian Grenade Hardened Drum Roll Harvester's Hatchet
Haunted Wolf's Bite Headhunter's Slicer Heart Grenade Holographic Sight
Hunter's Knife Hydration Pack Infrared Laser Scope Innovator's Snap Pack
Intelligence USB Iron Sights Laser Rangefinder Laser Sight
Lucky Shot Mag Bag Magazine Bandolier Master Beret's Knife
Medical Kit Metal Detector Monocular Vision Multitool
NO2 Canister Old Timer Parachute Bag Party Popper
Phantom Surveillance Drone Pocket Knife Quick Hit Reaper's Shed
Red Dot Sight Refiner's Wrench Reinforced Party Popper Replica Commander's Saber
Replica Monocular Vision Riot Control Grenade Riot Shield Rocketeer's Semtex Grenade
Router Satchel Scope Secret Agent Earpiece
Self Detonator Shadowy Dismantle Shotgun Surprise Siegebreaker Guardian
Signal Amp Silent Exalted Architect's Satchel Silent Exalted Vanquisher Grenade Skull Grenade
Smart Tracker Smelter's Burn Grenades Smoke Grenade Snake Biter
Sole Assassin EMP Grenade Spectral Party Popper Spider Mine Sterile Test Kit
Stun Grenade Stun Gun Suppressor Supreme Protector Riot Shield
Supreme Vanquisher Grenade Surveillance Drone Survival Knife Tactical Knife
Tactical Laptop Tactical Mine Tank Commander Binoculars The Carver
Tiger's Claws Tomahawk Tracker Drone Traveler's Check
Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter Detonator Ultimate Grand Champion Battle Slicer Ultimate Grand Conqueror Sights Ultimate Grand Guardian Grenade
Ultimate Grand Protector Riot Shield Ultimate Grand Vanquisher Grenade Undead Drum Roll Utility Knife
Walkie Talkie Welder's Tanks Welding Gloves Winter Guardian Brutalizer
Wolf's Bite Workman's Toolkit
Body Armor
Airman Uniform Anniversary Battle Armor Architect's Tool Vest Arctic Assault Armor
Armored Cage Battle Lab Coat Blackwing Suit Blast Proof Jacket
Blast Protective Armor Bomb Suit Bounty Hunter Tool Vest Bullet Storm Guard
Bulletproof Vest Camouflage Jacket Campaign Covers Captain's Blast Vest
Champion Battle Armor Cold Fusion Coat Combat Battledress Combat Shirt
Commando Armor Conqueror Chest Plate Constructor's Vest Decorated
Desert Wanderer's Armor Digital Poncho Dignitary Uniform Disruptor Utility Vest
Double Armor Dreaded Fear Armor Drill Instructor Uniform Driver's Protection
Economist's Field Vest Engineering Jacket Extractor's Jacket Fall Camo
Fear Armor Field Jacket Field Scientist Uniform Flame Resistant Shirt
Flight Suit Formal Uniform Garrison Ward Grand Bounty Hunter Tool Vest
Grand Champion Battle Armor Grand Conqueror Chest Plate Grand Guardian Armor Grand Protector Battle Armor
Ground Breaker's Armor Guardian Armor Guardian's Vest Hardened Double Armor
Harvester's Armor Hawk Suit Headhunter's Battle Armor Heavy Armor
Innovator's Shielding Vest Intelligence Suit Last Stand Leather Jacket
Luck Protector Master Beret's Vest Mechanic's Vest Mercenary's Action Armor
Military Vest Night Camo OG-107 Overwatcher's Flak Jacket
Paratrooper Jacket Pilot Uniform Raiding Armor Reaper's Bale Armor
Reaper's Jacket Refiner's Tool Vest Reinforced Last Stand Rocketeer's Plated Ammo Vest
Salvation Armor Search and Rescue Vest Siegebreaker Plated Vest Silent Exalted Architect's Vest
Silent Exalted Vanquisher Armor Smelter's Protective Wear Snake Skinz Sole Assassin Cover
Splatter Proof Stealth Armor Stealth Bomber Suit Supreme Protector Battle Armor
Supreme Vanquisher Armor Swift Thermal Jacket T-Shirt Tactical Spy Vest
Tactical Uniform Tactical Vest Tactical Windbreaker Tank Commander Vest
Technician's Shirt Tiger's Pelt Tough Love Tracker's Armor
Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter Tool Vest Ultimate Grand Champion Battle Armor Ultimate Grand Conqueror Chest Plate Ultimate Grand Guardian Armor
Ultimate Grand Protector Battle Armor Ultimate Grand Vanquisher Armor Utility Jacket Utility Uniform
Welder's Overalls Winter Ghillie Suit Winter Guardian Barrier Winter Patrol Vest
Winter Reinforced Armor Wolf Skin Armor Woodland Camouflage Working Uniform
Workman's Shirt
Ammunition Boots Ankle Biters Anniversary Battle Crushers Architect's Boots
Armored Slacks Bad Bone Boots Battalion Boots Battle Lab Boots
Biker Boots Blackwing Boots Blade Concealed Boots Blood Walkers
Bounty Hunter Combat Pants Bullet Storm Protectors Bunny Boots Captain's Reinforced Pants
Champion Battle Walkers Clean Room Shoes Clover Foot Cold Fusion Pants
Combat Boots Combat Cleats Composite Toe Boots Conqueror Pants
Construction Boots Constructor's Boots Cross Hikers Crushers
Deployment Boots Desert Wanderer's Trackers Dignitary Boots Disruptor Kneebracers
Double Speed Shoes Dreaded Fear Boots Drill Instructor Shoes Economist's Boots
Engineer Boots Extractor's Boots Fear Boots Field Boots
Flight Boots Garrison Trenchers Glacial Walkers Grand Bounty Hunter Combat Pants
Grand Champion Battle Walkers Grand Conqueror Pants Grand Guardian Pants Grand Protector Crushers
Gravedigger Boots Gravity Boots Ground Breaker's Boots Grounders
Guardian Pants Hardened Double Speed Shoes Harvester's Boots Headhunter's Trackers
Hiking Sandals Hiking Shoes Hunter's Boots Ice Climbers
Innovator's Protective Boots Intelligence Dress Shoes Jackboots Jungle Boots
Leather Boots Long Haul Master Beret's Boots Mercenary's Action Boots
Monster Treads Mountaineering Boots Mountie's Snow Boots Overwatcher's Boots
Padded Protection Predator Trackers Refiner's Slacks Reinforced Monster Treads
Rocketeer's Plated Boots Sand Walkers Shiners Siegebreaker Guards
Silent Exalted Architect's Boots Silent Exalted Vanquisher Pants Ski Boots Smelter's Boots
Snow Shoes Snow Walker Treads Sole Assassin Boots Supreme Protector Crushers
Supreme Vanquisher Pants Swift Trackers Tank Commander Boots Tanker Boots
Technician's Pants The Path Finder Tiger's Paws Tracker's Boots
Trail Boots Trench Boots Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter Combat Pants Ultimate Grand Champion Battle Walkers
Ultimate Grand Conqueror Pants Ultimate Grand Guardian Pants Ultimate Grand Protector Crushers Ultimate Grand Vanquisher Pants
Unsown Boots Used Boots USMC Boots Waterproof Boots
Welder's Boots Winter Guardian Stompers Wolf's Claws Work Boots
Workman's Boots
Anniversary Battle Visor Architect's Protective Helmet Balaclava Beret
Birdbrain Helmet Blackwing Helmet Blast Helmet Boonie Hat
Bounty Hunter Helmet Bullet Storm Visor Captain's Shades Champion Battle Visor
Cold Fusion Helmet Combat Beanie Commando Helmet Conqueror Visor
Constructor's Helmet Desert Wanderer's Shemagh Dignitary Cap Disruptor Visor
Double Take Mask Dreaded Fear Helmet Drill Instructor Hat Driver's Helmet
Economist's Visor Engineer's Headset Extractor's Headlamp Face Mask
Fear Helmet Fiendish High Stress Helmet Flame Resistant Balaclava Flight Helmet
Fox Fur Cap Full Cover Helmet Garrison Safeguard Gas Mask
Ghost Hood Ghost Mask Ghostly Ground Breaker's Sight Goggle Lens Balaclava
Grand Bounty Hunter Helmet Grand Champion Battle Visor Grand Conqueror Visor Grand Guardian Helmet
Grand Protector Helmet Ground Breaker's Sight Guardian Helmet Hard Corps
Hardened Double Take Mask Harvester's Helm Haunted Lone Wolf's Mask Headhunter's Sights
Heavy Helmet High Stress Helmet Infiltrator's Cap Infrared Helmet
Innovator's Protective Helmet Intelligence Glasses Kill Sight Lightweight Helmet
Lone Wolf's Mask Massacre Mask Master Beret Memory Recall
Model-101 Sunglasses Night Vision PASGT Helmet Patrol Cap
Phantom VR Headset Q-Sight Helmet Reaper's Vision Red Eclipse
Refiner's Mask Reinforced Hard Corps Rocketeer's Headcage Serpent's Head
Shades Shadowy Fear Helmet Shamrock Shades Side Cap
Siegebreaker Headguard Silent Exalted Architect's Visor Silent Exalted Vanquisher Helmet Skull Mask
Smelter's Mask Soldier's Cap Sole Assassin Mask Special Agent Sunglasses
Spectral Hard Corps Stealth Bomber Visor Stealth Goggles Steel Pot
Supreme Protector Helmet Supreme Vanquisher Helmet Swift Helmet Tank Commander Helmet
Tiger Stripe Headwrap Tiger's Mask Top Tier Toxic Zone
Tracker's Helmet Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter Helmet Ultimate Grand Champion Battle Visor Ultimate Grand Conqueror Visor
Ultimate Grand Guardian Helmet Ultimate Grand Protector Helmet Ultimate Grand Vanquisher Helmet Undead Double Take Mask
VR Headset Warfare Helmet Welder's Mask Whirlwind Helmet
Winter Guardian Hood Winter Mask Winter Shemagh Winter's Chill
Workman's Helmet
12-Gauge Shotgun 9mm 9mm SMG Aftermath
AK-47 Anniversary Battle Decimator Architect's Vantage Point Assault Rifle
Atom Splitter Authority Colt Automatic Shotgun Ballistics Launcher
Battle Tester Bazooka Blackout Bone Rifle
Boom Stick Bounty Hunter Assault Rifle Bullet Storm ACR Captain's Demolisher
Carbine Champion Infinity Rifle Choppa Cold Fusion Launcher
Combat Rifle Combat Shotgun Conqueror Auto SMG Constructor's Nailgun
Corner Shot Custom Pistol Death and Taxes Desert Wanderer's Sidewinder
Disintegrator Disruptor Double Down SMG Dragunov
Dreaded Blackout Drill Rifle Driver's Insurance Dual Eagles
Economist's Equalizer Enforced Menace Extractor's Filtrator Five Seven
Flame Thrower FMG FX60 Ghost Maker
Gold Digger Grand Bounty Hunter Assault Rifle Grand Champion Infinity Rifle Grand Conqueror Auto SMG
Grand Guardian Auto Shotgun Grand Protector Baton Grenade Launcher Guardian Auto Shotgun
Hardened Double Down SMG Harvester's Machete Headhunter's Deadeye Heavy Machine Gun
Howling Wolf IAWS Innovator's Vector Intelligence Carbine
Jacked King Cobra Light Machine Gun M-XI
M111 Sniper Rifle M117R M134 Minigun M14
M4A1 M63 Machine Pistol Master Beret's Breacher
MG303 Grenade Launcher MK Mod 0 MP5K MR18
MX6 P228 Payday Pedigree Bolt-Action Rifle
Pistol Portable Javelin Predator Pump Action
Reaper's Sights Reaper's Tiller Rifle Recoilless Rifle Refiner's Enforcer
Reinforced Tank Buster Revolver Riot Gun Rocket Launcher
Rocketeer's Disintegrator RPG RPK Scattershot
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Shotgun Show Stopper Side Buster
Siegebreaker Protector Silenced Pistol Silenced Sniper Rifle Silent Exalted Architect's Pistol
Silent Exalted Vanquisher Rifle Silent Night Smelting Machine Pistol SMG
Snake Charmer Sniper Rifle Sole Assassin Vanquisher Spec'd Revolver
Stalking Tiger Stealth Rifle Storm MSG Submachine Gun
Supreme Protector Baton Supreme Vanquisher Rifle Tactical Compact Assault Rifle Tactical Sledgehammer
Tank Buster Tank Commander Grease Gun The Enforcer The Redeemer
Tribute Troublemaker Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter Assault Rifle Ultimate Grand Champion Infinity Rifle
Ultimate Grand Conqueror Auto SMG Ultimate Grand Guardian Auto Shotgun Ultimate Grand Protector Baton Ultimate Grand Vanquisher Rifle
Volatile Solution Welder's Torch Winter Guardian Enforcer Workman's Hammer

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